Iraida Fiodorovna



Floral art works, macrame hangers, macrame wall decor, knitted socks, booties, slippers, mittens, and gloves, etc.

Iraida Fiodorovna was born in China. She has lived in Kazakhstan since 1954. Shortly after her graduation from Uralsk Polytechnical University, she began working in a machine factory. In 1966, she became a member of "Samotsveti" arts and crafts club, where she continues to participate. In Samotsveti, she makes watercolor paintings and floral art works. At home she prefers to work on knitted, sewed and macrame pieces. Iraida Fiodorovna has taken part in a number of exhibitions organized by the club.


Nataliya Semenovna



Blankets, pillow covers, table cloths, and sewing services.

Zlobina Natalya Semenovna was born in 1954. She began working with a sewing machine during her early school years. When she discovered the patchwork technique, she was immediately fascinated by it! “This type of work gains more and more popularity and is particularly interesting because it requires work with fragments, that soon form a particular character", says Natalya.Zlobina Natalya Semenovna was born in 1954. She began working with a sewing machine during her early school years. When she discovered the patchwork technique, she was immediately fascinated by it! “This type of work gains more and more popularity and is particularly interesting because it requires work with fragments, that soon form a particular character", says Natalya.

Saniya Shakirovna



Rags, macrame plant hangers, knitted mittens, socks, booties, and slippers.

Saniya Shakirovna was born in 1950 in Almaty. She has spent her entire life in her hometown. Her interest in crafts and in particular, knitting, was inspired by her grandmother. "I remember those bright round rags placed all around the house. They resembled exotic colorful flowers and were made by my grandmother, who created them with leftover fragments of fabric from which she was sewing our dresses.


She taught me to work with fragments of textile, to knit and sew. My interest in sewing and knitting however came much later in life”, Saniya states as she reflects on the history of her connection to her craft.

Yevgeniya Fiodorovna



Knitted booties and slippers.

Yevgeniya Fiodorovna move to Almaty from Chylyk after she was already retired. She decided to move because she wanted to be closer to her children and grandchildren, for whom she creates her wonderful knitted slippers and socks for the winter. At 79 years old, she is full of energy. She not only knits, but makes jams and marinated veggies as well. She gathers the yarn for her knitting from her neighbors. In return, she exchanges her wonderful slippers and treats them with homemade jam.


Grandma Tasya


Headbands, booties, slippers and socks.

Grandma Tasya was born in 1936 in Bashkiria and moved to Almaty in 1957. Her first occupation was in a shoe factory where she worked for 6 years. She learned to knit in her childhood during the War. Her mother recounted stories about the hardships of the war to all of her children, especially about cold winters in the field. During the same time period , Tasya learned how to spin wool. While she was learning to spin wool In 1941, she sent a large portion of warm hats, mittens, socks and gloves to the War Front.

Tasya works on her crafts to this day.

Tatyana Germanovna



Toys, patchwork, blankets made of recycled jeans, and etc.

Tatyana Germanovna was born in Sakhalin in 1955. She graduated with a degree in engineering, but has been creating handmade objects for as long as she can remember. It brings her the most joy and fulfillment. She started knitting and sewing at the age of 7 years old. Some years ago she became enthralled by the practice of making handmade toys. She is particularly fascinated by the process of sewing the famous Tilda doll.

In the past years, she joined an online forum where craftsmen share their achievements. Since then she is constantly developing her skills and sharing them with the community.

While her love for arts and crafts remains strong, she works full-time in a print house in Almaty.

Marina Aitkaliyevna



Booties, slippers, book covers, toys, macrame plant hangers, socks, and gadget covers.

Marina Aitkaliyevna was born in Balkhash city and moved to Almaty when she was eight years old. She loved sewing and knitting even at this young age. She always wanted to have unique and interesting things in her wardrobe, objects that one can not buy in a typical retail store. Вязанием и шитьём увлеклась еще в детстве.  She received her first lessons on sewing and knitting from her grandmother. Her grandmother was always sewing and used to knit socks. Later, Marina started to teach herself new techniques from magazines and books. When there is a particular idea that requires learning new skills, Marina becomes even more motivated and involved in the process.

Ludmila Aleksandrovna



Patchwork of various sizes and designs, pottery pieces and sets.

Ludmila Aleksandrovna began sewing at 8 years old. She first started making clothing garments.  At the time, it was an impossible thought to buy new fabric for patchwork pieces. Thus, her first patchwork blanket was made during the spring clean-up of the house, when she decided to utilize leftover pieces of fabric. In 1996 she was already known for her wonderful patchwork pieces and exhibited her works in theduring the patchwork fair in the US. This was a turning point in her professional path. Since that trip to the US, her creative life accelerated! During the past few years, Ludmila has become extremely successful in the craft of pottery. She happily shares her knowledge on both pottery and patchwork with the people attending the master classes and workshops.

Pak Lyudmila



Sweaters, socks, booties, slippers, hats, and mittens.

Pak Lyudmila came to knitting during her childhood. She is interested in arts and crafts, but worked primarily with yarn, colorful threads, and fragments of fabric for her occupation while her parents were away from home. With time the scale of her hobby grew and Lyudmila started to experiment with complex patterns and different forms of techniques in knitted designs. Her learning was inspired by schemes in journals and magazines on crafts. Every new idea was always challenged in her practice and found its way to reality.

Tatyana Dryukova 



Clothing items, rags, felt cabins for pets, toys, decorative items, and accessories.

Tatyana has worked in the field of arts and crafts for the duration of her life. During her school years she attended sewing, knitting, macrame and design classes. While her profession isn’t related to crafts, she has always worked on handmade pieces for her friends and family. After more than 6 years, she loves working with felt as the main material for her crafts. She creates pieces in various designs and scale - from tiny toys and baby booties to large carpets and cabins for pets. "Wool is such a wonderful material - it makes all the products have healing effects on the users", says Tatyana.

Galina Anatoliyevna



Shawls, booties, mittens and other knitted pieces.

Galina Anatolievna has been knitting since the age of 4. Her first knitting lessons were provided to her by her grandmother.  In later years, she worked in a textile factory and in a small textile atelier. Since retiring, Galina happily creates knitted pieces of clothing for people and it brings her additional income.  She confesses that she couldn’t imagine anything else bringing her more joy while simultaneously providing an income.

She lives very modestly and works made to order are very important for her.

Lyazzat Orazbayevna



Knitted pieces, clothing, decorative items, knitted baskets, bowls and boxes.

Lyazzat Orazbayevna created her first knitted object when she was 9 years old. It was a hat for her doll. Her first teacher of arts and crafts at school was her introduction to the world of craft practice. Lyazzat is eternally grateful to Taisiya Sergeeyevna Gorshkova (the name of her teacher), as she can not imagine her life without this feeling of inspiration from her fascinating hobby. Her daughters and grandchildren are her most common "clients". She loves to create larger and smaller pieces of knitted clothing for them and it brings her the most joy!

Raisa Adilzhanovna



Knitted clothing.

Raisa’s mother gave her her first lessons in knitting. At that time she was only 10 years old and could knit nothing more than socks. Her first larger scale objects were created for her daughters. "I am a self-taught craftsmen and hence everything I imagined in my mind I was aspiring to bring to reality", she says. Due to full-time work she isn’t able to find enough time to make knitting her regular practice. She is always creating new handmade things even with limited time. With the birth of her grandchildren, Raisa started to knit during most of her free time and claims that there is always more to learn.


Bayan Sagatatovna



Knitted clothing.

Bayan Sagadatovna learned how to knit while she was at school. During arts and crafts, her teacher taught the children how to make knitted slippers. Bayan was a very talented girl and demonstrated exceptional results. In time, she learned how to make many complex designs as  well as sophisticated details.  Bayan learned a lot from the "Rabotnitsa" magazine that published many popular design templates and instructions on techniques.


Anatolyi Vladimirovich



Mirrors, toys, and decorative items.

Anatolyi Vladimirovich was born in Ukraine in 1946 to the family of a military man. Later, the family relocated to Kazakhstan and at the age of 13 Anatolyi started his early wood-working practice. Years later, his practice became known by his circle of friends and family for its quality and unique approach. He built a summer house for the family and has since received small pre-orders for objects of decor, furniture and toys. He built several playgrounds and small tea-houses.  His latest occupation is related to interior design. He creates unique design mirrors for various interiors.

Renata Ivanovna



Knitted clothing.

Renata has been very involved in arts and crafts since she was a child - creating handmade pieces has always been a large part of her life. She learned how to sew and knit as a child. Her mother was her first teacher. At first, she created objects, then toys. Finally, the clothing she created proved to be successful and eventually, she began knitting for the whole family. With time, pieces evolved to be more complex and detailed. After retiring, she started to knit for other people and this helped her to sustain her living. "One of the best rewards for me is to see how the objects that I created are being loved by other people", says Renata.

Nataliya Yakovlevna



Knitted clothing - sweaters, socks, hats, etc.

Natalya Yakovlevna moved to Almaty during her early childhood with her parents. She lived in this beautiful city her entire life and dedicated her professional life to medicine. Nataliya was always keen on learning and developing her skills in medicine and knitting. Despite the fact that she had\\no free time, she remained faithful to her crafts and produced wonderful knitted objects. She was first introduced to knitting by her mother and can now knit objects of various complexity and detail. She enjoys creating sweaters for adults and booties for kids.

Irina Nikolayevna



Knitted clothing and decorative items.

Irina began sewing at the age of 9 years old. Later, she learned to knit. Her first attempts were reviewed by her grandmother, who ironically did not enjoy knitting. During 6th and 7th grade she taught herself to knit more complex objects by learning from the magazines and journals.  When she got married, she started to knit and sew for her family and friends. During difficult times, she started to sell her handmade objects and people loved them. She managed to overcome difficulties due to a meditative state of mind achieved through knitting. "Knitting - is my life!", says Irina.

Natalya Gavrilovna


Delicate knitted headbands and knitted pieces of clothing.

“Why do I practice knitting? I don't really know myself. I just enjoy it", says Natalya. She started knitting at 8 years old. A neighboring grandmother showed her how to knit her first socks. As a child, she really enjoyed sewing, which she discovered at the age of 10. During her school years, she wanted to work in textile. She dreamt of creating her own pieces from scratch. However, during the USSR period, there was no designer profession. She graduated in the field of Chemistry. For a long time she worked for a foreign company based in Almaty. During the time of deficit, she  made clothes for her daughters. Her skills helped her to do so. Today, she still loves doing it. Knitting is a huge part of her life and she is happy to share her skills.

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